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Preparing for a Meeting at Inova Strategic Investments

We have put together a presentation outline to help you prepare for an introductory meeting with Inova Strategic Investments. The outline is meant to be helpful.  If there are other important points, please add them in.


  • In a concise manner, describe what your company does:
    • What do you sell?
    • Who do you sell it to?
    • Why do they buy it?
  • Interactions with Inova to date
  • Other healthcare provider customers, partners and prospects
  • Founding date (month/year)
  • Location(s)
  • Number of employees (full-time, part-time)
  • Management
  • Market Opportunity

Describe the Target Market:

  • How big is the market today?
  • How fast is it growing?
  • What are the growth/opportunity drivers for your product/services?

Fit with Inova:

  • What is the value proposition for the Inova Health System (why is this important to Inova)?
  • What is the history of your working relationship with the Inova Health System to date?
  • What are the next steps with the Inova Health System?

Distribution/Sales Strategy:

  • How will you reach potential customers?
  • Who are the decision makers within your target customers and how do you gain access to them?
  • How much will this sales process cost?
  • List your current customers
  • Who are your key customers?
  • If you are pre-revenue, who are your beta customers or who will you target as beta customers?
  • What does your sales pipeline look like?

Product Development:

  • Status of product?
  • Outline key milestones and expected completion dates.

Business Model:

  • What is your revenue model?
  • What is your economic model?
  • List prior years’ financials and three years of forecasted revenues and expenses.
  • What are the key assumptions in your model?
  • How and when will you make money?


  • Who are your competitors?
  • How do you differentiate yourself?
  • What is your sustainable advantage?

Historical Financings:

  • Current investors
  • Amount raised
  • Date raised
  • Current capitalization table

Proposed Financing:

  • Total amount to be raised
  • Amount already committed
  • Valuation expectations
  • Expected future financings

Download the Packet

Word Doc / PDF

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