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Writing a Summary Business Plan for Inova Strategic Investments

The goal of your business plan should be to generate enough interest to make Inova Strategic Ventures want to set up a follow-up meeting. If you choose to produce a written plan, it should be from one to three pages long. Presentation formats can be longer.

Answer succinctly the basic “who, what, why and how” questions:

  • Who is on the team?
  • What do you sell and to whom?
  • Why do your customers buy your products or services?
  • How much money is required?

Your business plan should include:

  • Brief history of the company
  • Description of products or services and your value proposition
  • Market overview
  • Business model overview
  • Product development status
  • Distribution channels
  • Management bios
  • Summary historical and projected income statements
  • Description of short and long-term financing requirements

Download the Packet

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